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I have been a newborn photographer for quite awhile and when I first started out…. well let’s say I had a lot of things to learn!  I have made many mistakes regarding styling a newborn session and know what works and what doesn’t.  EVEN naturally styled newborns takes experience to get an attractive photo of a newborn.  I did everything just like I was told with my first newborn baby-  my own.  I had imagined a perfectly happy baby and lovely light and skin.  Reality?  I had images of a screaming newborn, red faced and angry!  Eekk!  Not what I wanted at all.  So I thought I would share my best tips for getting the newborn images you dream of.

6 Days after your baby is born!

This is the magic time for newborn photos. I can’t tell you how many times parents have told me ” They slept all the time and now they are awake today.”  Babies become more alert and aware of their surroundings every day after they are born.  They lose the womb like curl very quickly once they can stretch out:)  On day six,  your milk should be in which is perfect.  The baby is still sleepy and doesn’t have newborn acne yet.


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Feed your baby!

The more you feed your baby the better! A hungry baby is not a happy newborn.   Newborn babies need to nurse frequently and for a long time.  You can always get back on a schedule after the session.  Make sure your photographer is willing to stop the session and let  your newborn baby nurse for as long as needed.  A milk coma is a good thing!  If this is your first newborn, you will most likely be surprised at how often babies do need to nurse.


The room will be warm!

My studio is heated to the perfect temperature for newborns.  Newborns get cold so easily.  Especially if they are naked at all for the photo session.  I am hot by nature and usually after a baby new mom’s hormones are creating lots of hot flashes!  So remember to dress in layers for the session and that way you will be comfortable during your newborns photo session.  The best thing to do is dress comfortable and change into your outfit to be photographed in only when it is time for you to be in the picture.


Soft flowing Dresses, Light airy colors, and Coordinate Clothing!

I can’t stress enough how much clothing effects the look of your images!  Wear light and airy colors that are soft and feminine.  Think blush, cream, white, soft grey.  This will create a soft newborn image and look lovely against a newborn’s skin.  Lace and details add a great touch to dresses and blouses.  Light grey or white jeans work well also.  Try to avoid blue jeans.  New moms look wonderful in flowing dresses.  They hid any belly you might have after having  your baby.  I know that now matter how skinny you might be that there is still a bit of belly left at 6 days postpartum.  Bring back up tops or dresses just in case you get peed or pooped on! Light gray shirts with Khakis or Cream sweaters or shirts work great for guys.  Dressier is better. Try to avoid t-shirts and polos.  Button downs always look great!  Start shopping while you are pregnant for clothing for you, your husband, and any children you may have already!  This is a perfect dress and this blouse is fabulous with white jeans!


White Bedding!

White bedding is fabulous for newborn photos.  White bedding lightens up the whole room.  Light and airy photos don’t happen on dark bedding with dark walls.  It is such a treat to have new bedding after your newborn arrives. Have a relative put your new bedding on your bed so when you come home you have a gorgeous room waiting for you!   Here is the bedding we have and love!  I also have white bedding in my studio with white walls for the perfect photo setup.


Lavender Essential Oil!

This is a life changer! Not only for newborn photos, but for all the time at home.  There are so many ways to use Lavender essential oil.  You can diffuse it into the air for a calming effect.  You can also roll it onto your newborns feet. Make sure it is certified thereputic grade oil!  So important! You don’t want to introduce toxins to your newborn.  I diffuse this in my homeschool classroom constantly!  It has made such a difference in my children.  We roll it onto our feet before bed.  My little babies sleep so soundly.   Sign up for a doTerra essential oil wholesale account to get great pricing on quality oils.  The diffuser below functions wonderfully and I haven’t had any problems with it breaking like others I have used.

doterra lavender essitial oils for newbornsessential oils for newborns doterra

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