5 tips to help your Newborn sleep- {Buford,GA Newborn Photographer}

The crying started at 10:00 pm when she was 2 days old and we had just gotten home from the hospital and it didn’t stop till my newborn was one year old!   I have to say that that first year was torture and blurred as I struggled to get thru my days with terrible sleep deprivation.  I have to say that God certainly showed Himself mighty during that time.  I tried everything to get her to sleep and stop crying and finally have some tips that I think could help if you have a baby that is described as colicky!

#1-  Swaddle

Your sweet newborn has been tightly cuddled in your womb for 9 (well 10 months:) so to be in a looser environment is not ideal.  Yes, they may struggle for a second or two, but will quickly give in and settle.  Being tightly swaddled also prevents the startle reflex which often wakens newborn babies.

#2- Nurse

Feed your baby! I know that schedules are great, but if your baby is hungry and crying feed him or her.  Once they are past the colicky stage you can get back to that schedule, I promise. Then use a pacifier.  I have 4 babies myself and none have had nipple confusion so far.

#3- Eliminate Dairy and Wheat from your diet

I found this truly made a difference in how much gas and reflux my babies had.  As well as eliminating any gas forming vegetables or grains, for example, oat groats, celery, cabbage, broccoli.  This is very hard to do, but in my opinion worth it for a sleeping baby.

#4- Reflux

Talk to your doctor about reflux. I really believe some of my first baby’s colic issues were from undiagnosed reflux. And, if this is the case you could really save your baby some painful issues.

#5- Relax

With my first baby I was so nervous and careful about everything. I was also unwilling to let anyone else do anything for my baby.  I know she could tell I was nervous and this did nothing to calm her. So try as hard as it may seem to relax. Everything will be okay!  You will feel much better after a few hours of holding a calm baby.


As with any advice, this is just my experience and please talk everything over with your newborn baby’s doctor and keep them informed of all of your newborn’s health issues.   I would love to hear any tips you have as well on helping your newborn sleep well:)

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Julie Evans is a natural light photographer in Atlanta, Georgia photographing  maternity, newborns, babies, children and  families.

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