Letters to our Sons

This is the first month in a new series I am participating in with a great group of photographers. It is about writing letters to our children. This is letters to my boys and next month will be letters to my daughters. Hope you enjoy reading a little about my family and seeing how they are growing. Then hop on over to see the work of another great photographer. Link at bottom of post:)

Griffin couldn’t miss out on tree climbing:)

IMG_8489 web

Jonah climbing trees.IMG_8489 web2


IMG_2312Fantastic sweet big brother!

IMG_2832 webIMG_2833 web

I mostly get silly faces:)This show who they are!IMG_2837IMG_8676IMG_8683

IMG_8713 web

Dear Griffin and Jonah,

My 2 sweet boys!  Can I ever express how much I love you?

Griffin at 8 years old, you love drawing and playing card games. These 2 things hold your interest for hours at a time!  This is the only time you

are still (except maybe when you are sleeping). Because, you are full boy and love activity:)  You also play a great game of chess. My favorite

time of day is when you tell me you love me and give me a hug right before bed. I know you are growing to love the Lord and I pray for you each

day. I am so proud of the young man you are becoming!

Jonah you are 5 years old! How can that be?  You are my little snuggle bug. You still love to curl up in bed next to me each night and snuggle.  I

know this sweet time will be gone all to quickly, So, I am savouring each moment. Your favorite thing is Legos. You love the white and green

ninja figures. Santa had to search high and low for those this Christmas!  You also love reading your bible with Daddy each night! Momma

cherishes each sweet smile, hug, and kiss from you my sweet boy.


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