39 weeks pregnant! {Buford newborn photographer}

Here I am 39 weeks pregnant tomorrow!  I can’t believe our baby will be here so soon.  I definitely have had a challenging pregnancy.  Nothing, compared to what some women go thru, but constant morning sickness for at least 35 weeks is a real drag.  In fact, I threw up this morning!  But, that was my fault for not eating dinner last night.  I know when my stomach gets empty I am going to be sick.   But, with so little room for food with the huge belly it is really hard to make myself eat sometimes!    I am so very thankful for this baby and can’t wait to meet her!

Wanted to share a wonderful post called The Everyday Question of Motherhood.  I know it must be natural to have doubts when having your 4th baby. Like “can I do this”  I already have 3 children to take care of!  SO I know I must depend on God all the more during this time!

No post is complete without a picture:)  So I am sharing the first of my maternity pictures I have edited!

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